Napkin holder from the future

Immerse yourself in the world of creative table decoration with our napkin holder. Made from high quality PLA, a biodegradable plastic that is both durable and sustainable, this napkin holder will add an attractive touch to your table.

From subtle contrasts to vibrant color gradients - your table decoration becomes a work of art.
Practical Design: The napkin holder has been carefully designed to neatly organize your napkins while providing a stylish presentation.
Lightweight Durability: PLA is not only environmentally friendly, but also surprisingly durable. Your napkin holder will serve you faithfully for a long time and at the same time be easy to use.
Easy care: The smooth surface of the PLA napkin holder is easy to clean. A damp cloth or running water is enough to restore it to its original shine.

With the napkin holder you can design your table culture according to your ideas. Whether for everyday meals or special occasions - this napkin holder adds a distinctive touch to your table decoration.