TUVA - the modern coaster

Experience the perfect marriage of contemporary design and eco-friendliness with our state-of-the-art 3D printed coaster made from PLA bioplastic. Available in three different sizes and a selection of vibrant colors, this coaster will easily add a little edge to your serving skills while reducing your environmental footprint.

Sustainable craftsmanship: Made from PLA bioplastic, our coaster is not only visually appealing, but also environmentally conscious and helps protect our planet.

Modern Design: The sleek and minimalist design adds an elegant touch to any table setting and is suitable for both casual gatherings and upscale events.
Versatile size selection: Choose from three different sizes to perfectly showcase your culinary creations - be it a lush chocolate brownie, refreshing tomato-mozzarella bites or delicious muffins.

Color Variety: Show off your individual style with our range of three captivating colors. Match the coaster to your table setting or simply add a colorful touch to your presentation.

Functional Artistry: Beyond purely functional use as a serving accessory, our coaster acts as a conversation starter and showcases the beauty of modern manufacturing technology.