Immerse yourself in the symbiosis of modern technology and aesthetic design with our innovative HAKÔN 3D printed vase. This exclusive vase gives any room an incomparable elegance and lets your floral arrangements shine in a completely new light.

Excellent features of HAKÔN:

Material of the future: Our vase is made of high-quality matte PLA, an environmentally friendly bioplastic that is not only durable but also produced sustainably.
Angular, jagged design: The unconventional surface with angular and jagged structures gives your vase a modern, avant-garde touch. A real eye-catcher for every room.
Detailed 3D printing: The precision of 3D printing allows fine details and clear edges to be depicted in each vase, making each specimen an individual work of art.
Versatile: Whether as a solo piece, part of an arrangement or as a gift - the HAKÔN vase brings a special touch to any context.
Lightweight: Despite its sturdy appearance, the vase is surprisingly light, making it easier to handle and place.